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Interior Designer . Professor . Author

Design Like a Girl by Sarah Bischoff

Design Like a Girl celebrates 30 groundbreaking women in the history of architecture and design. It is time to tell the story of these 30 women, some known, some forgotten, some overlooked, all who can serve as excellent role models and inspiration for the next generation of architects and designers. This book shares the hardships and prejudices they faced, as well as their successes, vulnerability and prosperity. These 30 women represent just a small selection of women in this field. The women featured in Design Like a Girl were chosen to embody true diversity of culture, heritage, lifestyle and resolution. Young readers deserve to see female role models who are just like them: someone who was an only child, raised by single parent, part of the LBGTQ+ community, biracial, or gifted with a range of abilities. Beyond providing inspiration for young readers, Design Like a Girl shares a wealth of introductory knowledge about design featuring topics from the elements and principles of design to universal design and phases of design. This book blends history with learning, leaving readers with new inspiration and an initial foundation in design sensibility.


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